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Hair Loss & Root Enhancer Hair Tonic


“Regain your thick hair with new baby hair”

✔️ Strengthens hair roots
✔️ Promotes hair growth
✔️ Supply nutrients & vitamins to your hair roots



Hair tonic is for you, if you have these hair problems:

1. Hair loss

2. Oily scalp and

3. Dandruff problem


This tonic, strengthens your hair roots, thus helping reduce hair loss


What is the function of hair tonic?

✔️ Strengthens your hair roots

✔️ Encourages the growth of new hair follicles

✔️ Promotes your hair growth, makes your hair thick

✔️ Neutralizes the pH of the scalp (good for oily scalp prob)

✔️ Strengthens existing hair follicles

✔️ Supply nutrients & vitamins to your hair roots, so you will have a healthier scalp


If you have hair loss problems, get the best results by applying Tonic, after washing your hair with scalp shampoo:

1. Anti Hairloss Treatment Shampoo (for hair loss without dandruff) or
2. Anti Dandruff Treatment Shampoo (hair loss with dandruff)


Get Hair Tonic with The Treatment Shampoo set here


Safe for you, because:

✔️ KKM approved


Suitable for daily usage

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