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Chez Go Travel Set


✅ Helps detangle hair & reduce hair roughness due to sea water
Soften & treats your hair
Reduces the smell of hair
Neutralizes the pH of the scalp


Perfect kit to ensure you have the best hair conditions. Enjoy your best moments while on vacation.


What’s included in Go Travel Set?

1 hair shampoo + 1 Apple Mask + 2 Hair Finishings


Keratin Treatment Shampoo (50ml)
  1. Helps increase hair moisture, thus reducing your hair dryness
  2. Treats hair structure to strengthen and nourish hair
  3. Helps reduce hair roughness
  4. Suitable for all hair types
  5. Suitable for daily use


Apple Mask (50ml)
  1. 3x more effective than regular hair conditioners
  2. Softens & treats your hair
  3. Makes hair healthier & more vibrant
  4. Provides extra moisture to your hair


Hair Tonic (40ml)
  1. Strengthens your hair roots
  2. Encourages the growth of new hair follicles
  3. Promotes your hair growth, so you will have thicker hair
  4. Neutralizes the pH of the scalp (good for oily scalp problems)
  5. Strengthens existing hair follicles (cavities)
  6. Making your hair healthier, by supplying nutrients & vitamins to the hair roots


Argan Keratin Serum (40ml)
  1. Make your hair more shiny and vibrant
  2. Treat dry & damaged hair
  3. Reduces the smell of hair
  4. Control frizzy & dry hair
  5. Formulation of premium castor oil
  6. Protect hair from UV rays
  7. Contains argan oil, nourishes your hair


This set is safe to use because:
✔️ KKM approved
✔️ SLS/SLES Free

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